Political Targeting

Every voter has a unique voice, story, and set of interests. Shouldn’t your campaign speak to each of them?

The Trade Desk can give you that platform.

Capitalize on programmatic marketing for the 2016 General Election and discover how powerful data-driven insights and highly specified targeting can be when used to engage your campaign’s constituency with precision. This approach enables campaign marketers to:

Find More Likely Voters

  • Expand your reach: The Trade Desk uses a combination of first party and third party data to broaden your candidate’s reach. As an exclusive partner of Semcasting, we have access to data segments that encompass the local and national registration history of more than 180 million voters, as well as filings with the Federal Election Commission for donations from 2002 through 2014.
  • Pursue your best audiences with the power of algorithms: Our proprietary targeting algorithms, AudiencePredictorTM and AudienceExcluderTM, empower your campaign to be effective and efficient by eliminating impressions wasted on unlikely voters and using third-party data to match your ad buy with new audiences likely to convert.
  • Activate audience data to find your voters across media channels: Run display, mobile, video, and advanced TV campaigns with synchronized messaging through our cross-device and household extension products.

Send Highly Targeted Campaign Messages

  • Use data to inform your messaging: Aggregated marketplace data provides you with firsthand knowledge on voter interests. This enables campaign marketers to cater their messaging to specific interests.
  • Tackle local issues with hyperlocal targeting: With the help of partners such as Factual, The Trade Desk is able to target users in a precise geographical location with messaging that pertains to their local concerns.

Real-World Focus Group

  • See the results of your campaign in real-time: This immediacy makes your campaign more efficient by allowing you to quickly test different hypotheses and scale up or down as the data dictates.
  • Use these real-time elements to inform the larger campaign strategy: Find early insights on what resonates with constituents, what moves undecided voters, how do different messages perform in different regions?
Watch our webinar with eMarketer on US Election 2016: Spotlight on Digital Advertising, Data and Targeting.

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