Open Market - Omnichannel Real-Time Bidding

Before the Internet, we all used to watch the same TV networks, read the same newspapers, and subscribe to a few niche magazines. But now we seek out specialized content across tons of sites, apps, devices and platforms.

Even though your customers are no longer in the same place, there’s a way to reach them all. It’s called the Open Market.

The Open Market is a never-ending, high stakes, competitive online auction. You can bid (in real-time) on all sorts of digital advertising space. To compete and win in this environment, you need to be armed with the right technology, service, and conflict-free expertise.


The more deals you consider, the higher the odds you’ll find the right ones. That’s where we come in. Every second, we evaluate more than five million impressions. You can rest assured you’ll find the most effective space, and pay the right price for it. Plus, you’ll benefit from direct integrations with more than 70 inventory sources spanning all channels, devices, and regions.


With our unique bid factoring methodology, we offer the most advanced optimization capabilities in the digital marketplace. You can narrow your targeting by time of day, temperature, ad format, recency and more. Use your intuition to refine your targets and bids, and let the machine test your ideas. Create campaigns that are informed by more data than you ever could before. Throw in our powerful bidding tools, and you’re on your way to unprecedented campaign performance.