Futures Market: Programmatic Guaranteed

If you want to lock in the perfect advertising space, but streamline the process to avoid the phone calls, faxes, and manual back and forth, consider our Futures Market. It’s a surefire way to lock in the ad impressions you need.

While real-time auctions are efficient, sometimes you need guaranteed delivery set up in advance. Now you have an alternative. Set up guaranteed direct deals with any publisher partner, and negotiate and finalize those deals with ease. Guaranteed.

Our Programmatic Guaranteed service helps you launch deals quickly every time—even during high-demand periods. You’ll build a library of high fill contracts across nearly all publishers, channels, and formats. And the buying process couldn’t be easier. You’ll get one bill instead of invoices from multiple vendors, and easy-to-read reports that cover your whole campaign.

And because Programmatic Guaranteed operates alongside your auction-based open and private market buys in The Trade Desk, you can easily plan, activate, and report out on your entire omnichannel media buy.