Enterprise™ API(应用程序界面)

与 Enterprise 的每次集成都是完全定制的。利用每次 API 集成内含的强大产品,轻松构建功能丰富的媒体购买和数据管理平台。采用 The Trade Desk 的数据管理平台 (DMP) 来访问有价值的数据、赢得个人用户/cookie、管理网站列表和标签、优化广告活动、根据 IP 地址定向、利用动态广告素材,并且报告所有可测量的指标,全部功能都融合在单一的工具内。

Enterprise API Integration

The Trade Desk’s enterprise integrations are completely custom. Easily build a feature-rich media buying and data management platform (DMP), leveraging the robust offerings included with each API integration. Access valuable data using The Trade Desk's DMP, score individual users/cookies, manage site lists and tags, optimize campaigns, target based on IP address, utilize dynamic creative optimization, and report on every measurable metric all in a single tool.

Custom build on top of Enterprise

Whether you’re jumping into real-time bidding for the first time, or looking to become more competitive in the market, Enterprise has just what you need to build a customized omnichannel solution – scale, technology, and affordability.


The higher the queries per second (QPS), the more visibility you have into the impressions you want most. If you’re not seeing full QPS, you’re leaving performance on the table. Access 100% of our market-leading 9M+ QPS. With Enterprise, throttling is not an issue.


Stay competitive in today's innovative programmatic market by working with the company that offers a scalable and reliable technology. Enterprise meets your needs with a frequently updated feature set and is the only API solution that offers revolutionary bid factoring tools. Add in The Trade Desk’s numerous targeting variables such as time of day, temperature, supply source, and ad format, and you have the winning recipe for impression-level bidding. Our detailed API documentation and team of Solutions Architects make building to a feature set, or an entirely new platform, a reality.


There are significant costs associated with building and maintaining bidder technology. Initial investments are often in the millions and require dedicated engineering and business development resources to create a competitive offering. With Enterprise, your investment is directly linked to your success with fees charged at a percentage of campaign spend.

Enterprise Case Study

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