Connected TV

Binge-watchers, cord cutters, on-demand streamers—there are entire groups of TV viewers that advertisers can’t reach with traditional TV commercials. That’s where Connected TV (CTV) comes in.

At The Trade Desk, we bring the execution and targeting of digital advertising to television. The result? No matter how viewers are watching the big screen, you’ll be able to reach them.

It’s still television. But it’s more than you’ve ever imagined.

Connected TV

When you activate CTV through The Trade Desk, you take your digital video ads to the television screen, where they’re served to audiences during live and on demand TV content. Through our partnerships with over-the-top content providers, we make sure you reach these new viewers on premium, scalable TV inventory.

Plus, you can adjust your bids and targeting based on campaign reporting that includes digital and television metrics. It’s the best of both worlds.

Check out our CTV General Definitions Guide to learn more.