Stephen Matte , Account Director

2017 年 11 月 16 日

Name: Stephen Matte

Position: Account Director

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

Travel outside of the country you live in. Even better, visit a third-world country to experience how those less fortunate than you live their lives. It has helped me to stay grounded and appreciate the simple things in life, like healthy living, access to fresh water, having a roof over my head, etc.

What year would you travel to if you could go back in time? Why?

1989 – my freshman year of high school. I put the minimum effort into my school work, spending afternoons at the beach instead of in class. I wish I had applied myself more so that I would have more options for college. I tell my kids all the time to do the best they can in school because it will open more doors for higher education in the future.

What would you change about working at The Trade Desk?

New hires at The Trade Desk are required to send introduction emails, which is an awesome opportunity to get to know the new people. The change I’d make to this process is to require that those introduction emails also include music videos like this one.

What is your favorite part about being close to The Trade Desk’s clients every day?

Establishing a human connection with our clients means a lot to me. It helps us to create a true partnership instead of a vendor relationship. Last year, at a client dinner, I stood up and gave a toast celebrating our partnership, and here’s the response I received from one of the media buyers: “Your speech honestly made me tear up. I appreciate you guys more than you know. We see you guys way more than people we work with, and thank you for making this experience so great for us.”

What are three reasons why you think the best is yet to come for The Trade Desk?

1) Vision and leadership: With a solid vision and incredible leadership, we’ll always be in a position to win.

2) Culture: Our culture at The Trade Desk is second to none. It lights a fire in our bellies, bringing out the best in everyone.

3) Willingness to evolve: We’re great at staying the course, but if we ever need to make a change, we’re willing to adjust to get it right. This gives me great confidence that we’ll continue to successfully navigate the choppy waters of this industry.