Kelly Neises, Trading Specialist

2017 年 10 月 2 日

Name: Kelly Neises (Chicago)

Position: Trading Specialist

If you could be any animal, which would it be? What qualities do you think make you similar to this animal? After thinking about it and asking around, I think I would be a dolphin. My dolphin-like qualities include the fact that I’m meticulous, empathetic, and innovative.

Tell us which band you consider to be the best music band of all time.

The Backstreet Boys. They’re incredible. Who doesn’t love them?

What is the best thing that happened to you at work last week?

This year, we joined a charity intramural softball league where we got to play for a cause while having a great time. The charity we chose to play for was called The Simple Good, and just last week, we won the championship! Our first year in, and we won it all – all the while raising money for good.

Name 3 reasons why Trading Specialists are super important to the success of The Trade Desk and adtech in general.

  1. Trading Specialists get into the weeds – a lot – which can be an incredible thing in certain situations. If you tease Trading Specialists with a new idea, we’re going to dive in head-first to understand the ins and outs to ensure it’s the best product or idea possible.
  2. Trading Specialists are client facing, so we work with our partners on a daily basis. Not only do we get to help develop those preliminary ideas, but we also get to showcase them to the clients. We’re on the front lines every day, helping to ensure our partners are as excited for and understand our products and strategies as well as we do.
  3. Trading Specialists provide so much diversity to the company. I know this is true of every department, but especially when I’m put in a room with a group of traders, the conversations are incredible. Every trader has a unique perspective and angle at which they look at their strategies, making every conversation so beneficial. You gain so much knowledge just by sitting in a room with them for ten minutes – it’s amazing.

What was the main factor that made you want to work with The Trade Desk?

Throughout my interviews, I was so intrigued by the fact that everyone I spoke to had this same, strong desire to learn. The ad tech industry is so complex, constantly changing and growing that you need those kinds of ever-curious people to succeed.

And I witnessed that curiosity within my first few months of joining the company. A new product came out, and there I was, learning right alongside both, others who had been at The Trade Desk far longer that I had, and those with higher titles. It’s all hands-on deck here, and whoever can help and wants to help can do so.