Jeremy Buch, Senior Software Development Engineer

2016 年 8 月 4 日

Name: Jeremy Buch
Position: Senior Software Development Engineer
Time at the Trade Desk: 1 year, 6 months
Best in-office breakfast: Yogurt, granola, chai and orange juice
Favorite in-office recreation: Sharing meals and interesting discussions

What drew you to the Trade Desk?
The people, the culture, the way people seemed to treat each other, and the smaller size of the company are all what brought me to The Trade Desk. I am on a team that works with a lot of clients, partners and other team members. That is a big win for me because I love knowing that what we're working on is making life easier for others.

What’s your chief responsibility as a developer?
I work with our data partners to figure out how we get data from them, and how we interpret that data to make it available for clients. This enables clients to use categories of interest, user purchase history, spend patterns and even things like location and local weather when deciding who to target with their campaign.

What does your day generally look like?
I have some time to ramp up in the morning before we have our daily scrum at 10am. Then, I usually contact our partners to do some testing, ask questions and log into our data centers around the world to analyze results. I may check in with a database friend who works in Australia, work with our team in California to resolve any issues and otherwise I am designing, programming, testing, debugging and verifying production results. Then, towards the end of the day one of us will send out a message that it is time for a break, and we will have some time to relax together and talk about what happened and what is going on in our lives.

Can you give me an example of a recent challenge that was satisfying to tackle?
One of my friends on the integrations/solutions team was getting this multi-gig text file from a data partner. He had to go through and basically manually use a text editor to clean up the data. It was taking them days to get that stuff done.

I was excited by this. I thought, “Okay, spend a little bit of time after work building a tool.” I think it took an hour and a half, and it completes work that previously took days in about seven seconds. That is what I love the best – making our lives easier and helping us and our clients do more.

Earlier you mentioned that the people at The Trade Desk were a big draw. What do you look for in new team members?
What we're really looking for is someone who makes us better, and someone who isn't necessarily the same. Certainly we want some base level skills, programming, etcetera, but my teammates help look at things a little differently, just because of who they are.

Any great perks at the Boulder office?
An easy perk to call out would be the ability to work from home. Or maybe the fact that a couple times a year they send people to other offices to visit folks and get to know them.

But honestly, I guess if I were to look at perks from the company, the number one thing that I can think of is the experience I've had with Jeff Green and Dave Pickles. They treat people with respect, with an expectation that you're going to do good things, without a lot of micromanagement. They’re there to support or answer questions when you need them. They are respectful and kind, and expect that you are doing what you need to.  That same attitude is there at our local site in Boulder and it is really the key to how we all make a team that is greater than the sum of our individual contributions.

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