Unified Open ID

Unified Open ID allows for better and more relevant advertising combined with faster load times benefiting all parties from advertisers to consumers.

Unified Open ID allows for better and more relevant advertising combined with faster load times.

At any given moment on a webpage, demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), data partners, and a variety of other ad-tech companies are using users’ browsers to read and synchronize IDs. Since these syncs take time and not all of them occur on the same footing, the consequence is twofold: Consumers’ browsing experiences become slow and substandard, and advertisers don’t always end up with the data they need to target the right users at the right frequency.

But there is a solution…

These drawbacks will be overcome through ID consortiums: shared and consolidated ID solutions positioned to benefit the entire advertising industry, from advertisers to publishers.

The Trade Desk’s Unified Open ID

The Trade Desk’s Unified Open ID shares and combines a cookie footprint as a single ID to equally transfer and communicate data across all technologies.

We are pleased The Trade Desk’s ID solution is now compatible with the Advertising ID Consortium’s Open Ad ID as this will help to create a more effective and enjoyable online experience for technology providers, advertisers and consumers alike. This initiative will ultimately allow for more relevant and engaging online experiences that will in turn benefit publishers and all stakeholders across the programmatic ecosystem.

Drew Bradstock, SVP, Product, Index Exchange

A Cooperative Effort

Although we encourage others in the ecosystem to apply The Trade Desk’s Unified Open ID, we also fully support and interoperate with LiveRamp, AppNexus and Index Exchange’s Advertising ID Consortium. The industry must use multiple solutions to maintain objectivity and ensure resiliency through contingent technologies.


The adoption of the Unified Open ID and other ID consolidation efforts results in benefits for all parties:

Inventory suppliers will expand ID coverage across the web, giving each impression a better chance of selling and driving yield.

Data providers will see increased coverage provide faster and more accurate data.

DSPs will progress toward complete compatibility with each available impression.

Advertisers will transfer and leverage data more efficiently, resulting in better-performing campaigns.

Publishers will load pages faster, creating a more positive browsing experience for consumers.

Since implementing The Trade Desk’s Unified Open ID, our match rates have increased by 21% resulting in our highest match coverage yet. While this has resulted in benefits to Sharethrough, the most exciting aspect is the network effect of getting adoption across the industry and we encourage everyone to consider a universal id solution.

Curt Larson, Chief Product Officer at Sharethrough

How to get involved

Supply-side platforms (SSPs) can contact their partnership manager at The Trade Desk for more information.

Data management platforms (DMPs) should reach out to us at datapartners@thetradedesk.com to get started.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) may reach out to UnifiedOpenID@thetradedesk.com for DSP partnership inquiries.