Unified ID solution

Unified ID solution allows for better and more relevant advertising combined with faster load times benefiting all parties from advertisers to consumers.

The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution gives advertisers a single view of their customers across the internet, resulting in better, more-relevant advertising and faster load times for consumers.

At any given moment on a webpage, demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), data partners, and a variety of other ad-tech companies are reading and synchronizing IDs. This syncing process does not always result in an accurate and scalable number of matching IDs.

It is critical we adopt an ID that will eliminate the need for synchronization, so advertisers can:

  • identify a user across websites
  • more effectively frequency cap across sites and channels
  • gain clearer insight into their customers’ journeys

The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution

The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution offers just such a shared and consolidated ID, with the goal of benefitting the entire advertising industry, from advertisers to publishers.

The path to democratizing opportunity in programmatic media starts with common identifiers, and The Trade Desk has taken a leap forward by making the unified ID solution available to the entire industry. Index Exchange is proud to partner with The Trade Desk to achieve our shared vision of developing common currencies that improve efficiencies across the ecosystem. The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution is available broadly to Index Exchange Header Tag publishers, RTB bidding partners and DSPs.

Mike O'Sullivan, Vice President, Product, Index Exchange

Since implementing The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution, our match rates have increased by about 21% - our highest coverage yet. While this benefits Sharethrough, we’re more excited about the net effect of industry-wide adoption. We encourage everyone to consider a universal-ID solution.

Curt Larson, Chief Product Officer at Sharethrough

Identity-based advertising solutions enable brands to deliver more-relevant and more-engaging consumer experiences. The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution is a great step towards unlocking the value of identity within the programmatic ecosystem, and it will add to our mission of providing brand marketers and publishers effective and high-quality digital advertising offerings.

Todd Parsons, Chief Product Officer at OpenX

We are thrilled with The Trade Desk’s mission to create a shared ID across the open ecosystem. It will not only lead to increased audience coverage for participating data partners, but also more relevant, targeted ads for the end consumer.

Ryan Rolf, Vice President of Data Solutions at Lotame


Adoption of The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution benefits the entire ecosystem:

Advertisers will have a more complete view of their customers across the web, allowing them to use audience data more efficiently and drive better performance across campaigns.

Inventory suppliers will expand their ID coverage across the web to create higher-quality ad opportunities that increase yield for your platform.

Data providers will see increased coverage and data accuracy, enhancing audience targeting for advertisers.

DSPs will share more user coverage with their inventory and data partners, providing platform buyers better access to targeted impressions.

Publishers will experience faster page-load times, improving the browsing experience for consumers.

How to get involved

Please direct all inquiries to either your partnership manager at The Trade Desk or UnifiedIDSolution@thetradedesk.com for more information.