Recent global events have only accelerated the shift toward measurable, data-driven digital marketing. In our commitment to making advertising education accessible to everyone, we’re offering free access to the Edge Academy throughout 2020.

Advance your career in digital marketing

The Edge Academy is the industry’s premier online education platform in data-driven advertising.

We’re on a mission to help marketers transform their careers

With a results-driven online curriculum, The Trade Desk Edge Academy provides you with the skills you need to build professional confidence, drive real business outcomes, and advance your career in data-driven advertising.

Three ways to master digital marketing

Choose the certification course that’s right for you — learn new skills, sharpen old ones, and drive impactful results.

Open to Everyone

Marketing Foundations

Perfect for beginners. Dive into the concepts, vocabulary, and skills required to master programmatic advertising.

Open to Everyone

Data-Driven Planning

Get to know the practice of media buying through data-driven marketing strategies.

Open to The Trade Desk Clients

Trading Essentials

Immerse yourself in strategic planning and media trading as you get hands-on experience working in a demand-side platform.

Why enroll in the Edge Academy?

Learn actionable insights with our results-driven online curriculum, designed for seasoned pros and beginners alike.

Open to every level

Whether you’re an official partner or still learning the ropes, you can start your education in digital marketing today.

Certified and unbiased

Get education that builds the skills and the credentials you need to excel — on any media buying platform.

Exclusive content

Get access to case studies, thought leadership, and exclusive interviews with the pioneers of programmatic.

Become an expert, learn even more

Once you’re certified, you can access advanced seminars and tips from real traders — so you’re always ahead of the curve.

Build the confidence to succeed

“The knowledge I gained through the Edge Academy courses and certificates was an integral part of my growth into more senior roles.”

Tim Bungter
Group Head Programmatic Activation

“With the Edge Academy, each concept is linked back to why it’s important to the modern advertiser.”

Valerie Abadines
Digital Platforms Manager
Gojek Singapore

“Training platforms like the Edge Academy are key to building a strong foundation for navigating the digital ecosystem into the future.”

Jacques Edeling
Programmatic Director
Starcom London

Academic Partnerships

Ready to bring Edge Academy into your classroom? Find out how we can help you prepare your students for a career in digital marketing through our academic partnership program.